any questionsWhat is Agency Fee?

CPEA, ESPCP, UPEA, UPCA and UPOP all  have agency fee clauses in their Collective Bargaining Agreements. This means that a representation fee can be deducted from employees' paychecks to pay for dues. 

How to tell if you are a member?
Have you signed a WEA membership enrollment form? Are you paying an additional $2.00 per month? If not, then you are considered agency fee. Signing an acknowledgement with the District regarding dues upon being hired does not make you a member. (This has confused new employees who believe they have signed an enrollment form to join.)

But I am already paying dues!
This is true because of the agency shop clauses in the contract. The difference between full-fledged union member dues and the agency shop representation fee is only $2.00 a month, which is for Community Outreach and the Paramount Duty assessments.

What is an agency shop representation fee?
To answer this question we need to give you a little history about unions. Unions are forced to represent non-members whether they pay dues or not. This requirement for forced representation was imposed upon the unions by the U.S. Supreme Court after the dominant white unions in the 1940's refused to represent black workers. The Court ruled that unions must represent ALL those who make up the bargaining unit. The Supreme Court later ruled that the union may also collect a representation fee comparable to union dues from members who do not join because all employees in the unit benefited from what was bargained by the unions, including salary increases, overtime, personal leave, sick leave, health fringe benefits, etc.

Why do I need to join if I already pay dues?
While a law (RCW) is in place that allows unions to collect dues in districts with agency shop, no one can be forced to become a member.

Here’s what you gain by joining!

  • Voting: You have a voice! Only members may vote on bargaining agreements or elections.
  • Elections: You can run for office.
  • Network Attorney: You may receive two 30-minute free personal consultations each year from a network attorney for legal help outside of your job. Our area’s network attorney in Puyallup is:
                                   Thomas A. Baldwin: 253-864-7800
  • Professional Development: Check out WEA's offering that are non-members must pay additional fees to particpate in.
  • Profession Insurance: You are automatically covered with $1 million liability insurance in the event that a parent or student accuses you of wrongdoing.
  • Discounts: You are eligible for discounts for auto and home insurance, Barnes & Noble, Disneyland, Sea World, car and hotel rentals, restaurant coupons, home appliances and more!