Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"Those who stay away from the election think that one vote will do no good: 'Tis but one step more to think one vote will do no harm." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson




 1. GOTV - Get out the vote!


November 8th is just around the corner. Many members have asked which candidates were endorsed by WEA members on the PAC committee. Get your personalized voter guide online at https://www.washingtonea.org/ourvoice/2016-elections/.


2. Caring for Kids - Holiday Fair


Where: Hudtloff Middle School Cafeteria
When: Saturday, December 12, 2015, 11am-1pm
How to qualify: Kids need to be on free and reduced lunch schedules, and the school counselors make recommendations. 

How we do it (including the ground swell of volunteers)

  • Hams provided at cost by Plymouth Poultry with the support of Soundview UniServ Council.
  • Gift bags, toys, and knitted hats are provided by volunteers and donations throughout the year.
  • Penny drives: Local schools contribute hundreds of dollars.

3. SPARKS coming in January 2016

Are you new this year? Last year? What about a colleague in your department? Soundview is inviting newly hired certificated staff to join fellow WEA members for a fun weekend. Your union wants to know who you are and how we can better support you and your profession.

Join us by filling out this interest survey. 


4. Bargaining 2017


This is a bargaining year for Steilacoom Classified EA, University Place Classified Association and University Place EA.


UPEA Members


Notices are up in buildings about upcoming listening sessions for UPEA. We encourage you to contact your building rep to learn how you support your bargaining team as they represent you at the table this Spring. 


5. Who is Choice for Teachers?


A group called "Choice for Teachers" may have sent you an email encouraging you to drop your union membership. The email is part of a larger campaign to weaken public-sector unions, including WEA and its locals. It is funded by corporate interests, including an anti-union political group called the "Freedom Foundation." It's a direct attack on our ability to stand together to speak with one voice in our workplace and in the political arena to advocate on behalf of students and our profession.


Choice for Teachers is an arm of the Freedom Foundation that is funded by wealthy corporate foundations including political groups affiliated with the billionaire Koch brothers. The foundation's agenda is clear: weaken the ability of educational professionals to stand together and swing the balance even more in favor of corporations and wealthy CEOs.


Groups associated with Choice for Teachers, the Freedom Foundation and the Koch brothers have been leading the efforts to outlaw public sector unions both in the courts and through the legislatures in the U.S.


These groups do not care about us, our students or public education. They only care about weakening our ability to join together to speak with one voice.