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Sandra Ford is one very passionate ESPCP activist who came to Clover Park with a union background, having once been a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers union.  She also serves on our newly formed Soundview Council Organizing Team. Sandra has worked for Clover Park for 3 years and is the kitchen manager at Hillside Elementary. She is also a car enthusiast and her prized possession is her 1962 Thunderbird, (which she drives only in the summer). -- jo benedetti






Let's start with this question - I know you are a strong advocate for unions before working in Clover Park. Tell us about it! I belonged to the United Food and Commercial Workers union. It was my first time working with a union. Our contract was up and the owner of the store wanted to get rid of the journeyman checkers hours to save money on benefits. I was very upset about that and encouraged them to organize a walk-out because it was close to Thanksgiving. The owner found out and gave back their hours.



What do you like best about your job? Being around the kids!



If you knew absolutely that you would be safe, what would you attempt? Ice skating.



What do you do for fun? I go to car shows.



What three things can usually be found in your refrigerator? Ginger ale, salsa and yogurt.



What bugs you? When people say they are going to do something, but then they don't.



That bugs me too! How do you think YOU bug people? I bug them with  "Why? ... What WERE you thinking?"



What do you appreciate in life? My freedom.



If someone made a movie about your life, what actor would play your part? Sandra Bullock.



What cartoon character would play your part? Foghorn Leghorn.(I had to Wikipedia Foghorn and found out he is a big rooster character from the 1950's and is described as mischievous, obnoxious, and loud!)



How would you describe yourself using only 3 adjectives? Thankful, worried, and grumpy.



What are three adjectives that someone else might use? Faithful, eager, and mysterious.



Tell us a funny story about a time you told a lie. I told my neighbor that I would be happy to make her daughter's wedding dress, but I got so nervous with all that silk and beads, so I took it to another friend to help. The bride did not know that my friend worked at the same place where she was getting her veil. When I brought her the dress to try it on, she said. "Oh my gosh! That is the same dress that Nancy showed me and let me try on!"



I can't believe you even agreed to sew a wedding dress! When I lived in Seattle I had an upholstery shop and antique store. I've been sewing since I was 10 years old. My 7th grade teacher Miss Bickford once told me, "You are a great seamstress. You can accomplish anything you want to." I loved her like a mother. She was a great teacher.



You have had a few careers! What did you imagine your career would be when you where little? I wanted to be a nurse.



Do you have any phobias? Going over high bridges.



If you could meet only one famous person, who would you love to meet? If he were still alive, Dean Martin.



And what would you want to talk to Dean about? No talking. He would just sing to me!



Let's say you could only eat one food for the rest of your life (pretending that same food would keep you healthy)....what would you choose? I love chicken!



What's the first thing that you would change about public education? Class size, so the teachers can give more attention to each student so they all can succeed.



What do you fear? Losing our voice in this country.



What would you like people to know about unions today? Without unions, we lose our voice in this country. Without unions there would be no working middle class. Unions have been accused of being greedy, as being the cause of people not being able to work. That is not true! We need to speak up. Do not think this is not affecting you. Pay attention! All union brothers and sisters need to stand up and say 'Enough is enough' and take back what is ours. Little by little our rights are being taken away.



What question would you like me to ask that I haven't? I think you covered it all!