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Will Giorgini

is a counselor at Mann MS and was recruited this year to join our newly formed Soundview Council external organizing group, (affectionately known as The COWs -Coalition of the Willing). He has taught in Clover Park for 9 years, and before that worked in administration at UW and Kent State in Ohio. His wife is a school psychologist in Sumner District who once served as union president for Vashon EA. When I heard that their two children (an 11 year old boy and an 8 year old daughter) are being parented by both a counselor AND a psychologist, I said “Oh, those poor kids!” (He laughed.) And though I begged Will to let me use a photo of him wearing his Catholic School Boy uniform, he would not give it up. But he did agree to pose for one!                                         – jo benedetti



What was the big happening the year you were born? The first men on the moon, I was 4 months old.




What did you imagine your career would be when you were little? I wanted to be a paleontologist.




Do you have any funny stories from when you were a kid? For example did you ever do something naughty where you ended up in the principal’s office? Oh yes! I attended Catholic School when I was in first grade and one day we had a guest teacher, who was a retired nun. When she sat on the table to talk to us I said to her, what my mom always said to me, “Tables are for glasses and not for asses.” Mom had to meet Mother Superior by about 9:30 that morning.




Hahaha! THAT is hysterical! And you told me you were going to be a boring interview!




If you had a totally unencumbered day, what would you choose to do? Lie in bed and watch a really great movie.




So what movie can you see over and over again? It’s got to be The Godfather, followed by The Godfather Part 2.




What do you like best about your job? The chance to help a child make a step toward positive change for himself/herself.




What would you change? More hours in the day.




If you knew absolutely that you would be safe, what would you attempt? Diving with sharks!




What’s been your biggest extravagance? My recent trip to Italy.




In what do you wish you were talented? I wish I could sing.




I forgot to tell you NOT to pick that one, because everybody does! So, other than singing? No, I really mean it. I want to sing!




What do you do for fun? I do sing, but poorly. Also my Italian speaking class is an outlet.




Say something in Italian! Che cosa fai?




What does it mean? It means ‘what are you doing?’




Favorite all time book? The Catcher in the Rye.




What do you appreciate in life? The way my children innocently view the world.




How would you describe yourself using only 3 adjectives? Caring, hopeful, determined.




What are three adjectives that someone else might use? Opinionated, driven, dependable.




What do you fear? Dying alone.




Do you have any phobias? Tight spaces and bugs – I don’t think much of bugs.




If you could meet only one famous person, who would you love to meet? The Dalai Lama.




Oh, that’s a good answer! And what would you want to talk to him about? How I can make a difference in the world.




But don’t you think you do that already by working with kids in school? There are days when I think that, but I don’t always see the immediate results.




In your opinion, what is overrated? Big SUVs.




What question would you love to ask President Obama? I would ask ANY president – why in the world would you want that job?




You know…. some people would say the same thing about teaching and working with kids!